MTU & Traverse Solar - Research Partnership

In 2018 we partnered with a student research team at Michigan Technological University to develop life-cycle data that validates the Traverse Solar product claim of generating 30-40% more energy compared traditional static PV. In addition to continually validating this statistic, the MTU team has also proven a significant 75% energy generation advantage over traditional static PV during heavy snowfall due to our products' ability to shed snow while tracking.

We're excited to continue our research relationship and to further validate the performance of our products!

Michigan Technological University & Traverse Solar - Research Partnership

4-Panel System Urban Install - Traverse City, MI

Urban Install

The elegance of Traverse Solar solutions lies in the adaptive nature of the product. Our systems are popular with expansive budgets and ample space, but they also empower those with a small footprint and limited budget to make a big impact. Our latest install features a single 4-Panel system that is carefully situated on a small urban property in Downtown Traverse City. In this case, one system resulted in one free electricity bill!

2-Panel System Install at Stormcloud Brewing - Frankfort, MI


We're proud to announce the installation of a 6.2 kW system at Stormcloud's new brewing facility in beautiful Frankfort, MI. Utilizing 10 of our 2-Panel systems, Stormcloud is an early adopter and we're excited about their expansion utilizing green energy. Stop by Stormcloud Brewing Company on the shores of Lake Michigan for a cold one and a glimpse of our panels keeping pace with the sun!