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The simple act of following the sun's path can improve the power generation of photovoltaic panel systems by up to 40%, averaging near 30% in Northern Michigan. Our solar trackers are simple, scalable, easy to install, and require virtually no maintenance.

Every Traverse Solar product is empowered with GPS-driven technology, enabling the system to autonomously track the sun's path each day, to fully optimize your solar energy production and maximize your return on investment.


Get the facts on solar tracking

  • Utility-scale solar power has utilized tracking technology for many years, proving the viability of the technique.

  • Tracking offers superior performance in places where fixed systems cannot such as uneven terrain, oddly constrained regions, small spaces where efficiency optimization is vital, and snowy and sandy environments.

  • Utilizing innovative design techniques with an emphasis on simplicity, Traverse Solar offers tracking systems that are more affordable than fixed systems offered by competitors

  • Solar Tracking improves the payback period of a tailored solar installation, improving investment feasibility.